dimanche 16 novembre 2008

3e conférence de l'AEGIS

Call for papers

Panel No. 88, 3nd AEGIS European Conference on African Studies, Leipzig, 4–7 June 2009

Convenors: Jean-Luc Martineau (Paris), Laurent Manière (Paris)

Patrimonial issues and territorial recompositions
The objective of the proposed workshop is to analyse the impact of the patrimonial issue in the reorganisation of territories in sub-Saharan Africa. As common heritage of a community, the patrimony can be embedded in space (natural reserves, museums, buildings, cinemas, theaters); but can also be considered immaterial (religion, moral authority, history). Promote, secure, restore, manipulate what has to be transmitted to future generations represents many alternatives which would have an impact on the structure of the territory.
Contributions could study the impact of the patrimonial issue in the organisation of space (several scales of analysis can be considered: cities, district, countries, villages, coastal regions) as well as its impact on the development of new economic areas (tourism, culture). Another approach could be to consider power stakes underlying territories restructuring processes, in particular when considering manipulations on the patrimony (succession, autochtony, religions).

You are now invited to submit a paper proposal for presentation on this panel. Please submit a document with your abstract (maximum 400 words) via http://www.uni-leipzig.de/~ecas2009/.

The deadline for the submission of abstracts is 31 December 2008. All paper proposals will be reviewed in January 2009 and those who have submitted abstracts will be notified as to whether their paper has been accepted or not in February 2009.
For questions concerning a proposed paper, please contact the panel organizer directly (biersche@uni-mainz.de). For general questions concerning paper proposals, please contact the Organising Committee of ECAS 3 at: conference@aegis-eu.org.

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